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About Us

Our organization, The Stars Foundation™, is based in Nashville, Tennessee, USA and we are calling for compassionate partners, whether individuals, ministries and corporations, to join us in our challenge to assist the United Nations in reaching Goal #2 of the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals Initiative. This goal is targeted to eradicate hunger, alleviate poverty and to overcome food insecurity in our world by 2030.

With over 9 billion people anticipated to occupy our planet by 2030, we are partnering with worthy productive and dynamic organizations that want to achieve this goal as well. This is a global agenda for the UN and we have identified the Goal #2 out of the 17 Goals of the 2030 UN SUSTAINABLE GOALS as one of our mandates.

Uniting Others for a Greater Cause

We also are championing the cause of Orphans worldwide, as we collaborate with partners and facilitate World Orphans Day™ on the second Monday in November each year.  This day serves as a platform for organizations to raise monies in their local communities for orphans, foster children and community based programming designed to help orphans, street children and other vulnerable children. 

The Stars Foundation™, is comprised of the entertainment industry, dignitaries, media and sports personalities and we are seeking like-minded organizations, corporations and individuals to lend us your support in time and financial resources.   We need volunteers from all walks of life to fulfill the public awareness and fundraising campaigns we are engaged in to reach these mandates.  We need a grassroots alliance of partners around the world who will stand and join us in these aggressive campaigns.

Our monies and gifts in kind are well stewarded by the charities receiving our allocated resources, either directly or indirectly, from The Stars Foundation™.  We count ourselves very fortunate  to work with some of the most esteemed royalty, celebrities, and political servants to champion our campaign causes. 

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