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The bleak, haunting eyes of the children express it all. Hunger, famine and disease are rampant throughout the world. The African continent is plagued by AIDS, Ebola and famine leaving millions homeless and starving. The Caribbean, Central America, and South America are devastated by the millions of street children, living on the streets, panhandling for their food. Some as young as five roam the streets in search of the next meal from a trash can. Some make mud cakes to eat in the poorest of poor countries. It is heart wrenching to see. Many young people including children have been lured into the sexual human trafficking world out of hunger and need to sleep under shelter. This is the most horrendous injustice and oppression of our time! Slavery, of the young and helpless, the hungry and the naive, has to be stopped and The Stars Foundation are serving as a voice to the silent by advocating for them in parliaments, on television and the airwaves around the world.

The Stars Foundation is comprised of entertainment and corporate leaders as well as people of position and influence. The organization was formed to serve as catalyst to raise awareness of the issues, so that funding could be generated for our own internal programs as well as those of our worthy charitable partners. We have been fortunate to aid families and children by distributing medicines, food and necessities of life over the past two decades. Our Financial Accountability clearly showcases our scope and direction and details a partial list of our goods-in-kind distribution. Aid has been sent to Africa, the Caribbean, Central America and the United States of America supporting several worthy causes and organizations.

The Stars Foundation has provided a means for organizations around the world to generate income for their own charities and programs that would help children left behind, not only by AIDS and Ebola, but disasters, wars and poverty. The UN statistics clearly document that the number of Orphans and Street Children has increased to over 140 million orphans worldwide, under the definition UNICEF defines for orphans.

A speech written by Lord David Alton, a former member of the UK Parliament, supports the rational why a United Nations (UN) sanctioned day is being called for by Orphan Care Organizations around the world. The Stars Foundation stands with Lord David Alton in seeking and proposing a UN sanctioned day. Click here to see the speech by Lord David Alton. Lord Alton’s speech serves as a manifesto for our organization to propose to the United Nations, along with our Celebrity Supporters and Ambassadors of Goodwill, that a UN sanctioned World Orphans Day is justified.

In 2015 over 450 Mayors, municipal leaders and organizations around the world celebrated World Orphans Day on November 9. Each year, on the Second Monday in November, many cities in nations around the world proclaim the day and showcase the needs of these most vulnerable children.

In 2019, Chairman of World Orphans Day Africa, Dr. Benedict Xaba, gave a commemoration observance of World Orphans Day. As Chairman of AMICAALL in Africa, he represents over 6,000 mayors and municipal leaders in Africa who support World Orphans Day, as the second Monday in November.

It is our goal is to have every nation proclaim World Orphans Day so that the plight can be addressed by the leading developed countries, corporations and NGO’s to respond to the need of the children impoverished and left behind by these causes of AIDS, disasters, war, and poverty.

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Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda
World Orphans Day Proclamation Ceremony

In 2009, we founded the first World Orphans Day, and have expanded its impact throughout the world. It is a mission we feel strongly about and events are held each year around the world as organizations generate awareness and funds for their own projects. A United Nations sanctioned day is our goal, and holding it in November on the Second Monday, has proven to be an ideal time since November in the USA is Adoption Month. We are increasing our partnerships with Municipal Leaders and Mayors around the world to proclaim the day, and recently had over 400 proclamations  in 2015 from Africa, Europe and the USA participate.

Looking to the future, we are poised to build a bridge to the next generation, so that new and innovative ways of sustaining life on our planet can be taught to the underdeveloped countries community based program leaders and the young leadership arising around the world. Our plans are to build The Victory Mountain Project, a new multi-purpose educational and training facility and international headquarters for The Stars Foundation. The site known as The Victory Mountain Project will house and serve as an international educational and training center for The Stars Foundation. The site is being designed in phases on a 5 year initial launch and development timeline. The Victory Mountain Project will fulfill 2 urgently needed mandates for The Stars Foundation: 1. to serve as a leadership training center holding workshops, seminars and internships for sustainable development and disaster response. and 2. to host summer camps (our US military children), orphans andchurch  groups throughout the USA and abroad.

We know God has created each of us individual uniquely with talents and gifts that can transform this world. We are looking for people of passion and purpose to contribute with the ways that they are gifted and feel passionate about in doing so. Money, time, talents, and resources are all needed to keep our mission projects growing in order to help more children.

We support the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals as we focus on Goals 1-5 and 16. These are:
We do this by Co- Hosting First Ladies World Orphans Summits, and building Victory Mountain Projects around the USA. We , also, help at home in the USA, by supporting Veterans....

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