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Humanitarian Aid

Every day 1,000 children die from illnesses like diarrhea, dysentery, and cholera caused by dirty water and unhygienic living conditions. We can’t fight malnutrition without tackling the diseases that contribute to it. As part of our integrated approach to hunger, we’re sending food, sanitation, medical, and hygiene supplies to communities in need all over the world.

This is a Partial List of Donations of Goods- in- Kind


Hope of Life (Guatemala)

Children’s Fund of America (Guatemala)

Mission Internacional Hombres Y Mujeres

Support Africa Foundation International

Cristiana De Beneficious Social (Togo Africa)

World Children’s Fund Deutschland e.V.

Esperanza De Vida (ONG) (Honduras)

Gandhi Welthungerhilfswerk e.V.

Seven Sisters of Healing

Zacapa, Guatemala














Collectively as Individuals ... We Can Make a Difference!

A key threat to child survival worldwide, severe acute malnutrition has a cure. We know when and where it is likely to strike and can restore severely malnourished children to health. Yet today, malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all child deaths. The Stars Foundation™ works with our partnered organizations to help children reach healthy adulthood and to contribute to the growth of productive families and nations.

The Stars Foundation’s™ methods for identifying and rescuing populations afflicted with acute malnutrition are internationally renowned, having distributed revolutionary nutritional products; we have shipped food and medicines to more than 15 countries.

From rural mountain villages to the confines of refugee camps to ethnically divided cities, The Stars Foundation™ treats and prevents malnutrition in over 15 countries around the world. Our programs are launched and focus on the most vulnerable, including young children and women who are pregnant or nursing.

Acute before and after treatmentBefore & After

Bless The Nations Campaign
We are Seeking Container Captains!

The Stars Foundation is proudly launching a new BLESS THE NATIONS CAMPAIGN, which is comprised of providing food, medicines, household goods, books, and disaster relief supplies to numerous countries including Africa, Central America, Mexico, Canada, and Native American tribes. We have reputable and trustworthy non-profit partners who are dispersing the goods in transparent and cost-efficient ways that will most benefit the children and families in need.

HIV Treatment

We are seeking Container Captains, Our Heroes, who will rally support from their friends, family, and employees or others to raise the monies required to ship and service the containers.

Churches, Rotary Clubs and other service organizations, non-profits are encouraged to take on a Container Captain sponsorship level and select from the levels below for your contribution. 

A Man Bringing Food Packs

Food Packs Child Packing Relief Goods

Did You Know?

· For Every $1.00 you donate, approximately $50.00 worth of goods can be donated to the needy through our organization?

· A 40 ft.  container of multi-use goods can average approximately $200,000.00 in actual fair market value goods that are donated to the needy by The Stars Foundation. 

The Container Captain is a Fundraising Volunteer for The Stars Foundation.


You may serve as the head of a Non-Profit organization or pastor of a large or small church or President of a Rotary Club.   We need you to work alongside us to handle all the needs that are plaguing our world, with the economic crisis that comes from the COVID Pandemic.   Countries need our help!  Boots on the ground ministries in countries such as India, Pakistan, Mexico, Eswatini, Malawi, Liberia,  South Africa, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador and more all are need our resources for food, water and drinks, diapers, medicines and cleaning supplies. 

Even close to home in Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi we hear the cries for help from those distressed from hurricanes and flooding and we want to react. We want to help.  We have companies who are willing to donate, like Pepsi and Amazon, Reebok and Nike, and many others, but we need to find the monies to send the goods to the countries where we feel certain we can trust the people and ministries with distribution to the neediest.

Girls Packing Food Packs

 Will you do your part?  Can you help us address these needs?

Raising the money or donating the money, to fund the shipping is the main source of help we need at this time! With your help, we can ship hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars of goods over the few months. 

Our organization has provided food, clothes, medicines and household goods to numerous countries in the past decade.  We have helped distribute $113,000,000.00 in goods in kind!  You can help us Bless the Nations in 2021-2023 in a call to rise up to these most challenging times.

You can be our Heroes, our champions for the needy and those disenfranchised by the floods, hurricanes, COVID, Poverty, and wars. 

Can we count on you to make a difference in the lives of those most distressed?

Contact me, Cheryl Piggott, directly at 615-428-5624, if you would like to be considered a Container Captain and let us help you determine your best way to raise funds.  If you are an artist in the music business or a Rotary club member or president or a Sunday School teacher, you will all have a stake in being part of our family and making a difference.